Naam Smarna – Likhit Japa ( Written Chanting)


For last few days, I wanted to share my experience of practicing a simple spiritual sadhana which helped me a lot to deepen my devotion for baba.

Develop a strong & eternal bond with Sai …….

Baba has always emphasized the importance of NAAM SMARNA as the most efficacious sadhana for steadying and purifying the mind.
I have been consistently trying to write Sai Mantra ‘Om Shri Sai Ram’ or ‘Om Sai’ for last 4 years in a Koti book or a plain notebook almost daily for few minutes.
One can choose any mantra or divine name one feels most connected with and start writing it with complete faith and surrender.
Few benefits …

🍁It is a beautiful way to strengthen the power of concentration and memory.
🍁The repetition connects one with the vibration of the Mantra and it becomes very meditative.
🍁It is a great tool to develop patience and slow down the thoughts.
🍁The Guru Mantra or Ishta Mantra has the name and qualities of the Guru/God. While writing we imbibe the qualities of the divine name and it goes deep into our subconscious mind and purifies us.
🍁It increases the component of Sattva guna in our nature.

This simple practice is a beautiful way for all SAI devotees to reach baba through namsmaran by ever chanting his name and possessing him in the heart.

||Shri Sadguru Sainatharpanmastu Shubham Bhavatu||






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