Blissful Days spent with Baba, in his home…SHIRDI

❤Sharing 5 Blissful Days spent with Baba, in his home…SHIRDI❤
(6 July 2019 – 10 July 2019)

🍃Day 1– Shej aarti in Samadhi Mandir
🍃Day 2
🍂Visit to “Dwarkamai old age “ home for lunch. We were welcomed with hugs, smiles & got blessings from everyone.
🍂 Visited Upasani Baba Samadhi & temple.
🍂Visited Kushalchand ji home in Rahata.
🍂A visit to Mukhbadhir (Deaf and Dumb ) children school in Shirdi. It was such a joy meeting all kids & sharing goodies.
🍂Evening baba’s darshan in Samadhi Mandir.
🍃Day 3-
🍂Went for Darshan of Nine coins which were given to Lakshmi Ma by baba. Also met Shailaja Ma and took her blessings.
🍂 Had a beautiful meeting with Vinni Ma in the afternoon and spend time with her talking about Baba & his devotees. ( Vinni Chitluri ji is a author of many books on Shirdi Sai Baba.)
🍃Day 4 –
🍂 Early morning 5.30 am – Vinni Ma took us for a Divine Shirdi Walk and showed us all the houses of Baba devotees and the path baba used to take for his bhiksha rounds !!
Enjoyed coffee with her at Baba Iyer’s restaurant.
🍂Visit to Sai Tirth Spiritual park – 3 hrs of high technology spiritual experience learning Sai Baba history, teachings & philosophy.
🍃Day 5 –
🍂Attended the Kakad aarti in Samadhi Mandir.
🍂Spend time in Dwarkamai,Chavadi & Lendi Baugh .

Shirdi and being in Baba presence is the most beautiful, serene, rejuvenating, spiritual experience ever. Baba makes everything so special ….. Sai Deva … Keep showering your blessings on us for ever & ever.

🙏🏼Jai Sai Ram 🙏🏼

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