Leela 74: The packet of Udi turns into Bhukka of Pandharpur

Leela 74
The packet of udi turns into Bhukka of Pandharpur

A devotee naked Shankar Rao, accompanied his mother on a pilgrimage to Pandharpur. His mother was very eager to go & have Vitthal’s darshan. As Shirdi was on the way they decided to have Baba’s darshan and proceed.
They went to Dwarkamayee, prostrated before Baba & sat down.
Baba said “Go Home”, & have the mother a packet of udi. The mother was disappointed, and she consoled herself that Shirdi is Pandharpur.
Upon reaching home she took out the packet of udi, & to her utter surprise. It was a packet of sweet smelling Bhukka ( black powder) from Pandharpur. She showed it to Shankar Rao, who said, “ you really made a pilgrimage to Pandharpur, so baba gave you the Bhukka.”

Ref: Sai Leela Magazine Shake 1857, Ank 6 year 12 (1935)

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