Will Sai Baba ever give his Darshan to me ?

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Will Sai Baba ever give his darshan to me?

Usually the word Darshan means the physical Darshan through the cognitive faculty of the eyes. When Baba was at Shirdi people used to have his Darshan. There are also references that devotees like Mankar at Macchindragada, Mahalsapati at the banks of the river Godavari got Baba’s Darshan. Further many people had Darshan of Baba in their dreams. In case your devotion is very intense and stable over a long period of time you have a chance of having His Darshan in dreams.
Physical darshan of a Sadguru is when he is in the physical body. Later, through deep meditation one can have his darshan internally.
Pray to Shri Sai always to bless you with his Swaroop darshan

Ref: BABA May I Answer by C.B. Satpathy Ji


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