For beautiful Sai Devotees….. A very warm welcome!

Om Sai Ram..

This space is for you… to receive the divine gift of Baba’s life history, his valuable & enlightening teachings, sweet stories and Leelas…
Join us & feel his endless love & grace flowing in your life & those around you. The blog posts are just a way to feel Shirdi Sai Vibrations and strengthen our connect with Baba and in the process discover the “True Self”. Take a dip in this beautiful spiritual journey.

“There are many ways leading to self – realization; There is one way which goes through Shirdi. No rituals, no religious practices, no outward formalities are needed. All that is needed is complete faith and surrender in the Guru’s feet…. baba Sai Feet.”

Let everything happen as per destiny; but may a loving devotion at Sai’s feet be eternal & may he dwell in our heart & eyes.

Aum Sai Sharanam…