Leela 18: The 30th day of his Mahasamadhi

Leela 18: The 30th day of his Mahasamadhi

One day, early in the morning, Laxmanrao alias Kaka Mahajani had a vivid dream. In that dream Baba said, “ निजलास काय ।। आज माझा तिसावा दिवस आहे तो कर ।।”
“Are you asleep? Get up, it’s the 30th day after my mahasamadhi.”
Mahajani got up at once and he thought a month had passed some time ago. So he counted the days on the calendar, and indeed it was the 30th day post Mahasamadhi. He called the pundits and held a puja. The pundits performed the Abhishek of Baba’s padukas ( holy foot wear ) with proper ritual, this was followed by a grand meal. He had invited many of his friends and Baba’s devotees. Thus the first monthly anniversary of Baba’s punyatithi was started. He continued to celebrate the anniversary each and every month there after at his residence in Mumbai.

Ref: Sai leela Aashad Shake 1845 ank 5 year 1


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